September is a month to celebrate all things yachting along the French Riviera, as the industry celebrates another successful Mediterranean yacht charter season. Fraser Yachts is looking forward two of yachting’s premier shows next month: the Monaco Yacht Show and the Cannes Yachting Festival – marquee events that serve to cement this dazzling stretch of coastline as the world’s yachting hub. (more…)

The charter market for expedition yachts has enjoyed a boom over the last 10 years, as the allure of far-flung destinations – as well as the extraordinary versatility, spaciousness and character of explorer vessels – has enhanced the appeal of an ocean-going charter experience. An explorer yacht for charter presents an unbeatable combination of seafaring strength and indulgent superyacht luxury. (more…)

Each shipyard brings a defining set of qualities to the yachting industry. For Feadship, these qualities include premium craftsmanship and a proclivity to exceed clients’ expectations. Having built a strong reputation for itself in the yacht building industry, the Dutch shipyard offers world-class luxury, employing the most talented yacht builders to deliver bespoke projects for a discerning clientele. Combining high performance with a relentless quest for perfection, every Feadship yacht for sale is the best the company has ever produced. Its continuous evolution of design, engineering and construction has made it one of the market leaders in custom superyacht construction. (more…)

Fraser Yachts is honoured to introduce the Richard Earp Award, following the sad passing of the much-loved and respected Broker. The award will celebrate charisma and ethical behaviour in the yachting industry.

Richard was highly regarded throughout the industry for his gentlemanly conduct, fair negotiations and honest character – attributes on which all nominees for the award will be judged. Nominees will also be judged on their transparency and respectability, and must still be active in the market today. (more…)

Intelligent Acquisition

Call of Beauty

The ubiquitous smartphone, it’s impossible for any self-respecting citizen to do without, but not exactly the height of style and fashion. Or is it? Swiss manufacturer Savelli prides itself on having
created a range of luxury smartphones specifically designed for women. Boasting precious jewels elegantly set by skilled craftsmen in sculpted gold cases, and conceived in design much like a dazzling piece of jewellery, the Savelli collection is far more than a piece of modern day technology. (more…)